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My Writing

I have been writing since the age of 15.  I have always dreamed of being the next Danielle Steele.  Well I haven't made it yet.  But notheless, I would like to share some of my writing with you.  I take  my writing very seriously.  It brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction.  But I want  others to be able to enjoy it to.  I want you feel the heroines pain, or happiness.  I want you to feel the strength of the hero.  I want you to read the first paragraph and know that you can't stop until you get to the end.  I create characters from the heart.  They are genuine people, just like you and me, with the same faults and all.  I hope you will find my writing to be all you expect to be and more.  Please feel free to send me your comments once you have read my stories.  I will publish more as I get them completed.  Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry collection, my short stories, and my full-length novels.

Each file is in PDF format and could take several minutes to download depending on the speed of your computer.  Please be patient with the download process.

My Poetry Collection

The Rose Collection

Short Stories

A Man Named Jess

Sierra's Sunrise

Coming soon, May Day, May Day, click on the link below to read an exerpt on the upcoming short story.

May Day May Day

Full-Length Novels

Tomorrow's Dream